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KPQ was born with the beat. With a saucy, happy-go-lucky vibe stemming from her love of Latin percussion and dance, she is never afraid to address real-life issues. Her cheerful spin on dark emotions and life challenges brings a human depth to the core of her songs. While each song has its own story, there is no denying the sweet ‘dulce de leche’ that is KPQ’s voice - and how her rich smooth vocals drip lush sultry vibes through every track.


Born in Texas, she moved to Springfield, Missouri at 3 months old after the tragic death of her father. There she was raised by her mom with the help of her dear grandparents, who championed her talent and enthusiasm for music. Not long after she first started talking, her mom noticed that her could easily match and sing the pitch of any song she heard, as well as memorize them in rhythm. This was the beginning of a lifetime filled with music.


After being involved in a variety of musical programs throughout her childhood at 17 she discovered bossa nova, a Latin fusion of samba and jazz. Obsessed with the beautiful complex rhythms, and determined to immerse herself in the music, KPQ began teaching herself by ear to sing bossa nova in Brazilian Portuguese. This led her to study Jazz vocals at Belmont University in Tennessee and laid the foundation for her Latin pop passion.


Following graduation from Belmont, KPQ spent 6 years living and performing weekly in New York City. Here she was absorbed in the music of jazz, samba, hip hop, pop, rock, and EDM. Through performing, singing with all genres of music, and exposure to hundreds of cultures in America’s great mixing pot, KPQ was molded into the energetic artist KPQ that she is today.


In transition for a move to LA, KPQ went to visit some old music friends in Nashville. There she met music producer Alex Rivas. His long history with Latin music made collaboration with KPQ a natural progression. They began writing “Come With Me” and KPQ traveled back and forth to Nashville to write and produce the track. By the time they had finished the song, KPQ had decided to move back to Nashville to work with Rivas.


KPQ has written with artists including Kandace Springs (Blue Note), Blessing Offor, and Rachel Pearl (Celestal) as well as recorded, written and performed with indy rock/electronica project, By Atoms Moved. Her licensing credits include deals with Armani, Pashko, and fashion/runway projects. She was featured on a Sony compilation Jazz CD in Japan, and recorded with Clark Gayton (Horns with Sting, Bruce Springsteen), Mauro Refosco (Percussion for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Atoms for Peace) and Sylvester Onyejiaka (horn for Prince/Taylor Swift).


Now based in Nashville, KPQ continues to collaborate with Alex Rivas and other songwriters, musicians, and producers from around the country. She has plans for 4 new single releases, leading up to a full album, and will be touring nationally within the coming year. KPQ is also looking forward to the release of a music video as she continues to surround herself with the inspiration and energy of the Latin pop world.